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Resources for Early Enrollment

The NEA Center for Organizing (C4O) has released a new toolkit for the Early Enrollment Period starting April 1st.

Click on the image to download the Early Enrollment Campaign Action Guide

Vision for the Early Enrollment Campaign

The Early Enrollment campaign is designed to support the growth of affiliate membership by maximizing local organizing efforts and inviting potential members to experience the transformative impact of being part of the Association. In addition to gaining access to the professional learning resources and everyday benefits offered by the Association, potential members will recognize the power of their Association to create positive change for their students, communities, and profession.

Click here to register your local association for Early Enrollment.

Resources for Early Enrollment

To achieve our vision, The NEA Center for Organizing (C4O) will provide increased support to Locals and State Affiliates committed to building membership growth programs. Support will include strategic partnerships for on-going recruitment and retention programs, upon request. In addition to tailored support, affiliates have access to the 2018 Action Guide for the Early Enrollment Period starting April 1st.

This Action Guide (PDF) is designed with local leaders in mind, including worksite leaders, and affiliate staff. The guide provides users with a model for launching their Early Enrollment campaign and resources to assist in engaging potential members. While the guide is focused on organizing and recruiting potential members identified in the New Educator campaign, any local or affiliate regardless of New Educator campaign participation can use the materials and resources contained in this guide to grow and strengthen their membership.

The 2018 Action Guide includes practical tips to:

  • Prepare and launch your organizing campaign
  • Identify potential membership universes
  • Conduct successful one-on-one conversations
  • Assess potential members and establish meaningful follow ups
  • Develop organizing scripts for potential membership universes

Should you have any questions regarding the Early Enrollment Organizing Campaign and/or the Early Enrollment Action Guide, please contact Antonio Castanon Luna at

For Early Enrollment policy questions, please contact Kavita Rangarajan at and Aaron Muhammad at

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ESSA Implementation

Locals across the country are finding that Every Student Succeeds Act implementation is a sweet spot for organizing members, potential members and community partners. Resources are available at NEA's ESSA Implementation Begins.


Community Schools

What sets community schools apart is an emphasis on addressing all of a student’s needs—including their academic, health, nutritional, psychological needs. NEA’s Community Schools campaign champions this positive alternative to the more destructive concepts of school takeovers, closures and unaccountable private charters.  Learn more!


Degrees Not Debt

College should be affordable, and debt repayment should be streamlined and easy to navigate, the Degrees Not Debt campaign is an organizing tool for potential and existing members, including early career educators. Visit the Degrees Not Debt webpage for more information and use the new toolkit.




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