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Welcome to NEA-Retired!


2016 Retired Annual Meeting June 29 – 30

Renaissance Hotel
999 9th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

NEA-Retired Annual Meeting Agenda and Documents

Please click here to access the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting Agenda ( MS-WORD 235 KB, 6 pgs.)A hard copy of the agenda will be provided to each participant at the meeting.

Please click here to access the documents needed for the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting. These documents may be referenced in numerous ways:

  • App: NEA has developed an “app” for mobile devices that will enable you to access the various documents. Further instructions on how to obtain and use the app will be forthcoming.
  • Website: Documents may be found on this website and are suitable for
    Printing -- If you prefer to have your own set of paper copies, you can print them from these documents and bring them with you.
    Downloading -- If you have a laptop or other device onto which you can download documents, you may also wish to download these so you may access the documents directly on your hard drive for reference during the meeting.
  • Notebook: In an effort to “go green” and save copying costs, a set of materials, tabbed and in a notebook, will be provided for each table and will serve as a reference book for the table.

Thank you, and see you in Washington, DC!

NEA-Retired Members Take Action

See how you can help in your state

Florida and Arizona M.O.R.E. Projects

The Florida and Arizona M.O.R.E. Projects are working to organize a highly effective army of retired educators who will stand up for public education, educators, and each other.

Be a part of the NEA Retired Rapid Response Team!

Join with over 3,000 other NEA-Retired Members that live within a 50 mile radius of downtown Washington, DC. Your expertise and years of experience are crucial during this critical turning point in NEA’s history.

Donate to the Jack Kinnaman Scholarship Fund

Carry on Jack Kinnamon's spirit of helping others with your contribution.  A brief history about the Fund and donation instrutions are provided.

Procedures for NEA Retired Elections

Review a full itemization of all rquirements, regulations and procedures presiding over NEA Retired officer and elected personnel elections.

NEA-Retired Overview

NEA-Retired membership today is more than 300,000 and we continue to lead the way in public education
and on critical issues. We work with NEA members to:

  • Protect and improve retirement pension, and health benefits—including state pensions, Social Security and Medicare.
  • Improve public education through mentoring, literacy, and intergenerational programs and activities.
  • Achieve legislative and political action goals for education and education employees.

 Whether you’re already retired or just thinking about retirement down the road, there are many advantages to being an NEA-Retired member. They include:

  • Staying connected with fellow NEA members and programs
  • Opportunities to share your expertise by volunteering and mentoring
  • NEA’s political and legislative efforts to protect your retirement resources
  • Subscription to NEA’s bimonthly retiree magazine, This Active Life
  • A variety of member benefits, such as:
    • insurance programs
    • credit programs
    • loan and mortgage programs
    • deposit savings accounts
    • investment programs

    Retired members also:

    • Continue their involvement with their State Association and the NEA and enjoy new and different activities with former colleagues and new friends.
    • Volunteer in community-based programs that help make America stronger.
    • Participate in national and regional conferences and seminars.

    In addition, NEA-Retired provides its members with a wide range of benefits through NEA Member Benefits.


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NEA-Retired Membership

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