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NEA-Retired Leadership and Contacts

Your NEA-Retired leadership team

NEA-Retired Executive Council

Sarah Borgman,
President (2nd Term)

(9/2020 - 8/2023)
[email protected]


Jean Dobashi,
Vice President (2nd Term)

(9/2022 - 8/2025)  


Marilyn Warner,
Secretary (1st Term)

(9/2021 - 8/2024)


Ross Dill

Ross Dill (1st Term)


Meg Gruber (1st Term)
(9/2021 - 8/2024)


Roberta "Bobbie" Margo (2nd Term)


Janice Poirier (1st Term)
(9/2021 - 8/2024)


JoAnn Smith-Mashburn (1st Term)
(9/2020 - 8/2023)  


Tom Wellman (1st Term)
(9/2020 - 8/2023) 

2022-2023 NEA Board of Directors for Retired

Ed Foglia

Ed Foglia (1st Term)


Anita Gibson (2nd Term)
(9/2021 - 8/2024)  


Julie Horwin (1st Term)
(9/2020 - 8/2023)


Linda McCrary (1st Term)


Judy Rohde

Judy Rohde (1st Term)
(9/2020 - 8/2023)  


Barbara Schram (2nd Term)
(9/2021 - 8/2024)


2022-2023 NEA Board of Directors for Retired Alternates

When a Retired NEA Board of Directors Alternate is needed to temporarily substitute for an Retired NEA Board of Directors member, the Board Alternate is selected in order of seniority.  Seniority is calculated on total years serving as an elected NEA-Retired Alternate, including both consecutive and non-consecutive years of service.

1st Alternate: Janet Kilgus

  • Initial Year of Consecutive Service:  2018
  • Current Term:  9/2021 – 8/2024
  • Total Number of Years of Elective Service:  4

2nd Alternate: Diane Larsen

  • Initial Year of Consecutive Service:  2019
  • Current Term:  9/2022 - 8/2025
  • Total Number of Years of Elective Service:  3

3rd Alternate: Diccie L. Smith

  • Initial Year of Consecutive Service:  2020
  • Current Term:  9/2020 – 8/2023
  • Total Number of Years of Elective Service:  2

2022-2023 NEA Resolutions Committee for Retired

Ginny Bosse
Patricia "Pat" Jordan
Gary McGrane
Bobby J. Pierson
Kathleen Purdy
Karen Solheim

2022-2023 NEA-Retired Elections Chair

Stephen Gorrie

NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members (NEA-Retired magazine)

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