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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Support Educators Today, and Every Day Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8-12, 2023. We are saying 'thank you’ this week, and throughout the year, to the extraordinary educators who work tirelessly to help all students learn, grow, and fulfill their potential.

What Teachers Want in 2022

We asked teachers from across the country to share what they most needed and what would make them feel most appreciated—especially after two extremely difficult years for the profession, and the world.

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Text CELEBRATE to 48744 to Participate In a Week of Appreciation

Whether you are an educator or a supporter of one, we have the perfect way for you to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.


We will be gathering messages from across the country and sending them straight to your phone! Text CELEBRATE to 48744 and you will get periodic texts throughout the week that remind you how special both you and your profession are.


Text CELEBRATE to 48744 to leave a message of gratitude to educators. These will be delivered (see above) to the real people helping our students every day.

#ThankATeacher on Social Media

This Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to make sure each and every educator knows just how appreciated they are. Celebrate the educators in your life by sharing a message on social media, tagging @NEAToday, and using the hashtags #WeHearYou and #ThankATeacher.
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Say Thank You on Instagram Stories

Want to give a special shout out to an educator who inspires you? Share it on your Instagram Story, tag @NEAToday, and you might see them featured on our account!
#WeHearYou #ThankATeacher

Show Appreciation on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram

Make sure all your friends know you appreciate educators!
Text CELEBRATE to 48744 to share a message of gratitude with an educator

Tell Your Friends to Text CELEBRATE to 48744

Ask your friends if they have thanked an educator this Teacher Appreciation Week! Share this graphic on social media to help us get enough thank you messages to reach all our educators.
NEA President Becky Pringle
Despite all of its challenges, this past year has made me prouder than ever to be an educator. It has been an honor to watch you rise to every occasion and meet every challenge with compassion, creativity, and care for all of your students.
Quote by: Becky Pringle, NEA President

#ThankATeacher With Educator Spotlights 

We’ve put together a roundup of stories that showcase just a few of our exceptional educators going beyond the call of duty to help students succeed during a challenging and unconventional school year. Check out the full library of educator spotlight stories and share your favorites with #ThankATeacher.

Educator Spotlights

Shereena Dyer 1

Shereena Dyer: A Better Future for Them.

Shereena Dyer is a science teacher from Spanaway, Washington
Brandon Mooradian 2

Brandon Mooradian: Engaging Students and Organizing Educators

Brandon Mooradian is a high school social studies teacher in Zionville, Indiana, and Secretary of the Zionsville Educators Association.
Tracey Barrett 3

Tracey Barrett: The Best Part of My Day

Tracey Barrett is U.S. History Teacher in Durham, North Carolina
Stephanie Johnson 4

Stephanie Johnson: A Passion for Education

Stephanie Johnson is a Reading interventionist in Columbia, SC, and chair of NEA's Women’s Issues Committee.
D. Cook standing in front of a soccer field in a black shirt. 5

Derron Cook: Art and Activism

Derron Cook is a High School Art Teacher from St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

We Are All in This Together.

Join us not only this week, but throughout the year, in saying ‘thank you’ to our nation’s educators. For just $25 a year, you can become a part of our work to improve the quality of our public schools, keep caring educators in our classrooms, increase student achievement, and make sure our schools are safer, better places to learn. Become a community ally and fund our work advocating for public schools, students, and educators.

Become a community ally

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