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NEA Strategic Framework & Budget

The biennial Strategic Plan and Budget focuses our energy and resources to reflect our commitment to great public schools for every student.

NEA’s Strategic Framework for 2020–2022


To achieve our mission, we, the NEA, will grow and strengthen our Association to promote quality education by:

  • Advancing opportunities that will amplify the voices of all educators; identify, organize, and engage new and early career educators; support our members’ professional growth; and promote racial justice for our students, our communities, and our nation;
  • Securing a pro-public education environment for students, educators, and families; 
  • Building the capacity of the local, state, and national union to ensure the success of public education.

Strategic Objectives

To grow and strengthen our union, we will organize our members around issues that impact teaching and learning and the lives of our students. In partnership with our affiliates, NEA will:

Increase Educator Voice, Influence, and Professional Authority: Develop and sustain effective structures, processes, and leaders to increase educator influence in decision-making at worksite, district, state, and national levels.

Recruit and Engage New and Early Career Educators: Identify, recruit, support, and engage new educators in our Association, and connect them with opportunities for professional learning, leadership, and advocacy.

Support Professional Excellence: Build a system of Association-convened, educator-led professional learning and supports for all educators across their career continua to ensure student success.

Advance Racial Justice in Education: Support members in advancing racial justice in education and improving conditions for students, families, and communities through awareness, capacity-building, partnership, and individual and collective action.

Secure a Pro-Public Education Environment: Use all available means, including organizing, legal, legislative, electoral, and collective action, to secure the environment necessary to protect the rights of students and educators, and the future of public education.

Enhance Organizational Capacity: Develop and leverage the collective organizational capacity across our Association that is necessary to advance the mission of the NEA and its affiliates, with particular focus on organizing, leadership development, fiscal health, technology, and internal and external partnerships.

Enterprise Operations: Ongoing functions across the enterprise that support the strategic objectives, build lasting strength, and sustain the organizational infrastructure.

How the Strategic Plan and Budget is Crafted and Adopted

The development of NEA’s Strategic Plan and Budget begins with the hard work of the seven members of the Committee on Program and Budget, whose composition and duties are set forth in NEA Bylaws 11-7 and 11-9.

The NEA president, secretary-treasurer, executive director, and committee prepare the proposed plan and budget for presentation to the Executive Committee for review prior to its transmittal to the Board of Directors. Upon receipt, the Board reviews and tentatively approves the plan and budget. This normally occurs at its May meeting in Washington, DC. Prior to the NEA Annual Meeting and NEA Representative Assembly, the committee holds an open hearing where NEA delegates may give input and make recommendations to the committee for changes in the proposed plan and budget, after which the committee considers any changes it wishes to make prior to final action by the Board of Directors. The Board then convenes to take action to approve the proposed Strategic Plan and Budget for transmittal to the Representative Assembly. The delegates act on the plan and budget during the final business meeting of the Representative Assembly.

In the second year of the biennial budget, any necessary adjustments are recommended by the Board of Directors to the Representative Assembly, which receives and acts on the modifications.

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