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Press Release

National Education Association Releases #CountEveryVote Pledge

NEA and its state affiliates released its #CountEveryVote Pledge expressing the importance of counting until every vote is counted.
Published: October 31, 2020

WASHINGTON – As voters continue turning out in record numbers across the nation, to make their voices heard in this extraordinary election, the National Education Association and its state affiliates released its #CountEveryVote Pledge expressing the importance of counting until every vote is counted. As a result of this pledge, NEA leaders across the country will be reaching out to state officials about the importance of ensuring the election is safe, fair and decided by voters.

“As educators, we know that our democracy only works if every vote is counted. Whether we are Black or white, Native or newcomer, Latino or Asian, we know that for democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. And we know that in order to transform our public education system into one that is racially just, socially just, and equitable so every student can succeed – our democracy must succeed. That is why, on behalf of the 3 million educators represented by the National Education Association, we have released our #CountEveryVote Pledge, making clear our commitment to protecting our democracy by ensuring every vote is counted in this election,” said NEA President Becky Pringle.

National Education Association #CountEveryVote Pledge

The National Education Association has fought and continues to fight for a public education system that is racially just, socially just, and equitable so every student can succeed.  Crucial to our success is a functioning, healthy, democracy. We commit to protecting our democracy because our students, our educators, our country and our planet depend on it.

We believe that our country should be a place where every voice is heard and where every vote is counted. However, some people hope that by stoking fear, sowing doubt, and fueling division, they can keep us from voting.

Tens of millions of Americans are choosing to participate in our democracy by voting — many of them risking their health and the health of those they love.  That choice is one that signifies a fundamental belief in democracy and affirms voters’ desire to ensure the peaceful transfer of power as called for by our Constitution - one of the hallmarks of American self-governance.  The American people have a right to expect that every voter who made the choice to participate in our democracy by standing in line, going to a drop box, voting early, or voting absentee, deserves to have their voice heard by counting their votes.  The choice to fulfill one’s civic duty should be honored not desecrated with accusations of fraud or false motivations.

At this extraordinary time, as Americans risk so much to head out to the ballot box, we must work together to demand that every vote be counted, the voice of the people be respected, and we must stand together to protect each other, our families and our communities.

We, the undersigned, are committed to:

  • Using our educator voice to teach our students, and the nation, about the importance of democracy and our civic duty to vote.
  • Communicating proactively and transparently about the need to count until every vote is counted.
  • Working with our partners and allies to affirmatively help fight voter suppression tactics by supporting litigation and other peaceful means that respect the rule of law, the safety of our communities, and the sanctity of a democracy premised upon one person, one vote.
  • Ensuring that everyone eligible to vote can do so, every ballot cast is counted, and voters decide the winner.

We call on state and local officials to commit to:

  • Proactively making sure voters know their rights and ensure voting is safe and accessible.
  • Ensuring local clerks and municipalities have the necessary resources to make ballots readily available to voters and that those ballots cast are securely processed in a timely manner.
  • Supporting local clerks and municipalities to ensure that every voter that chooses to vote in person on Election Day has an accessible and safe voting location, including proper protections against the spread of COVID-19, and protections against voter suppression and intimidation.
  • Communicating proactively and transparently about the need to count until every vote is counted.
  • Ensuring that everyone eligible to vote can do so, every ballot cast is counted, and voters decide the winner.

The pledge – including the full list of leaders who have signed the pledge – can be found by visiting

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