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Aspiring Educators Black Lives Matter Week of Action

During the week of January 11th 2021, NEA Aspiring Educators across the country will engage in a different action each day to demand that Black Lives Matter in our schools and communities. #AE4BLM
Published: 12/09/2020

During the week of January 11th 2021, NEA Aspiring Educators across the country will engage in a different action each day to demand that Black Lives Matter in our schools and communities. The fight for racial justice in America is ongoing work, and as future educators, one of our utmost responsibilities is to advocate for racially equitable education for all our students. With the actions taken during this week, we will build momentum as our program continues to emphasize and organize around Social and Racial Justice work.

Register for our virtual events and to receive reminders for each day's activities here!

Learn more about the actions and find resources for each day below.



Monday, January 11

Today we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and all that they stand for. We recognize all of our educators of color, and work to spread the word about how NEA seeks to help those educators! Please wear black in solidarity and share out your response to “Why is it important for you as a future educator to continue to fight for Black Lives?” Don’t forget to #AE4BLM


Monday's Social Media Graphic

Tuesday, January 12

As we have seen over the course of history and again in 2020, the Black Vote is pivotal in shaping the future of America. We acknowledge the Black Americans whose blood, sweet, and tears were sacrificed to create a movement against systemic racism and voter suppression in America.

NEA Aspiring Educators take on the Louisiana Voter Registration Test to see if we can pass.

After taking the test, please share a video of your initial reactions! See Derrick and Larrissa’s videos for inspo.

Share your clips out with #AE4BLM and/or send them to


Tuesday's Social Media Graphic

Download the 1963 Louisiana Literacy test.

Historical Documents: Literacy Tests and Voter Registration

Wednesday, January 13

Use your voice as a member of the largest labor union in the country to call members of congress, and ask for support of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act . We must understand our role in applying pressure on those we elect to represent our communities. Join in solidarity as Aspiring Educators across the country urge our elected officials for support when the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is reintroduced to Congress. We continue our fight by taking action to further prevent the senseless murder of Black lives in America. We will not rest until there is a future where Black lives thrive.

Call (866) 331-7233 to connect with your representative and demand their support of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act! See the resources section below for a script and other helpful tools.

Tonight is also our first Virtual Event of our week of Action. Register to join us from 8:00-:9:00 PM EST for:

Afro-Latinx and Co-conspirators: A roundtable discussion on identifying and defeating colorism in the latinx community

This panel focuses on the complex experience of Afro-Latinx individuals, and the colorism that exists within the community. Likewise, the panel weighs in with co-conspirators to discuss disruption of the damaging cycle of racism that shapes the perception of what it means to be Latinx in America.


Script for Calling Your Reps. Dial (866) 331-7233 to connect.

Police Reform and Racial Justice Talking Points

How to Lobby 101

Wednesday’s Social Media Graphics Slide #1

Wednesday’s Social Media Graphics Slide #2

Wednesday’s Social Media Graphics Slide #3

Thursday, January 14

“Black Girl Magic is a rallying call of recognition. Embedded in the everyday is a magnificence that is so easy to miss because we’re so mired in the struggle and what society says we are.” -Ava DuVernay

Today we celebrate the magic that it is to be a Black Woman in American History. We ask you to take a few minutes to find a resource, picture and an activity that could be done to celebrate your favorite Black Woman in History! These mini lessons will be compiled and made available for AE Members to use.


Thursday's Social Media Graphic

Create your Black Girl Magic mini-lesson here!

Friday, January 15

Today we will put our money towards supporting Black-Owned businesses and restaurants because of the tremendous impact they have in our local communities.

Shopping Black Owned is not about helping just to help. We recognize it is about reflecting on and learning from the Black entrepreneurial experience, recognizing and amplifying the value of Black entrepreneurs. And it's about doing the work to establish the values that Black business owners should have equal access to resources and networks that help their companies to flourish. 

And then...It's A Party it's a PARTAY! Register to join Aspiring Educators from 8:00-9:30pm EST to listen to a live DJ and celebrate Black joy in America!

Resource Links:

Friday's Social Media Graphic

Find an online or black-owned business near you with the Black Nation App! 

Hungry? Thirsty? Download the EatOkra App to find Black Owned Restaurants near you!

Also, check out this directory to view some of our favorite online Black owned businesses! 

Saturday, January 16

This year has defined what it means to reckon with our past, advocate for better in our present, and expand the possibilities for our future. We are continuing to stand with and for each other by pulling together to get through this pandemic and by demanding liberty and justice for all—and that starts with the urgent need for justice for Black lives. Learn more about the NEA’s Demands for Justice for Black lives, that will guide our work together, and take the pledge to join our fight today.

Register to join us tonight from 8:00-:9:00PM EST for an important concluding conversation: Amplify Black Voice in America: We said what we said. 

Say their Names. Black Lives Matter. Racial Justice is Education Justice. Our Revolution Continues.

“Black Leaders in NEA dive into a discussion together on the systematic suppression of the Black voice and Black experience in America, and our educational system. In speaking with Aspiring Educators these leaders will share how it is our collective responsibility to work to ensure that Black Lives Matter in our communities and schools. Join as the panel weighs in on topics like curriculum reform, policing in schools, school to prison pipeline, and our need to actually diversify our educational workforce.”

Resource Links:

Saturday's Social Media Graphic

Watch: NEA Demands for Justice for Black Lives

Sign the pledge to join us in this fight


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