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Little known secret … magazine columns are due three months before publication, so as I sit in Indiana’s hot humid weather trying to imagine the happenings and challenges three months plus down the road in October, I will first look back and marvel at the technology that allowed us to have our virtual Retired Annual Meeting across all 50 states this summer! When elected, I never dreamed this would be the modus operandi for such a long time. We’ve learned how to operate this way, and for better or for worse, we are getting the job done within locals and states, as well as in NEA nationwide! Zoom meetings are a way of life now.
Published: September 1, 2021

Hopefully, your association is able to meet face to face by now to enjoy fellowship, work with colleagues, and renew your zeal in getting the job done. But if not, the miracles of virtual communication allow us to continue on. Captains of our political action committee (PAC) and the PAC fundraising committees are working together to gain funds for electing friends of education all year-round. Still happy to see Miguel Cardona as our new secretary of education? Would you like to see old Betsy DeVos return in just a few short years? I thought not! Just remember it takes money to run campaigns and elect those whose values are like ours. We can all give something! To donate, go to

The new membership drive, dubbed CORAL—Coalition of Retired Activists and Leadership—is well underway. All membership categories are reaching out to potential members, asking them to join NOW with a pre-retired membership, sealing in today’s rate forever. At NEA’s Representative Assembly, in July, Bylaw 2 passed, allowing a 60 percent rate for our education support professionals when they retire. The truth is, we only keep about 2 percent of our NEA members when they retire. That is unacceptable! We lose their advocacy, their creativity, and their activity. In your local and state associations, please reach out to enlist new retired members! May the beauty of fall help inspire you to continue your good work as we support our profession and public schools. Most of all, help reach young people, so they may receive the best and do their best!

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