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Aspiring Educator to Active Professional Rebate

When Aspiring Educators (AE) move to employment as active professionals, they are eligible for a rebate of a portion of their AE dues. This page explains the program and links to the form to submit.

The transition from Aspiring Educator to Active Professional Educator pays dividends!

NEA Aspiring Educators (AE) are a crucial part of the education profession united “to fulfill the promise of public education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.” Aspiring Educator members are involved in activities to enhance educator quality, build partnerships with communities, support policies and policy-makers that support public education, and fight for social justice and the worth of each person.

As AE members transition to Active Professionals employed in public schools, the opportunities to continue pursuing professional excellence, leadership development, and fighting for our values also continue. And NEA’s support for early career educators who were AE members even includes a special financial benefit!

NEA Rebate Program:
Former Aspiring Educators (AE) who join NEA during their first year of eligibility for Active Professional Membership are entitled to a special rebate. The rebate is $20 for each year of membership as an Aspiring Educator (Student Member) for up to 4 years.  Someone who joined the AE program for one year can apply for a $20-dollar rebate. And an AE member for 4 years is entitled to apply for an $80-rebate!

The rebate application must be submitted no later than June 1st each year (you only need to submit the year you are eligible). Rebates are distributed in the Fall of that member’s second year of membership. You can complete the form below. Copies of the form may also be obtained by contacting NEA’s Aspiring Educators program.

First year active professionals who previously belonged to the AE Program should also check with their local NEA affiliate (or state NEA affiliate) to find out if there are additional rebates or benefits offered by the state. The rebate could be even more!

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By working together, we can make sure students don’t have to choose between basic living expenses or their education, and that families who do attend college are not forever weighed down by a lifetime of crushing student debt. Join us: ask Secretary Cardona to cancel the student debt of longtime public service workers, and $50,000 in student debt for all other federal loans.
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