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Creating the Perfect Home Teaching Space

Try these tips to turn a spare bedroom or the kitchen table into a personalized home office.
home teaching space
Colin Hayes
Published: December 2, 2020

Remember when your classroom had a door? Many educators are still working from home and retrofitting their dining, sleeping, and lounging spaces into virtual classrooms. If your home office could use an upgrade, try these tips from your colleagues to reimagine your work space.

First, make sure to keep everything within arms' reach. Before class, Oregon kindergarten teacher Kate Cannon makes sure everything she’ll need for two hours of online, live teaching is within reach: finger puppets, read-aloud books, overhead markers, and more. Keep in mind that you can’t wander off-screen to the supply closet. “If you lose focus, they lose focus, and it’s hard to get it back,” she says.

Check out the image gallery below for more ideas.

Protect your spine!

Sitting for hours at a desk can wreck your back, crimp your neck, and hurt your wrists and fingers. The Mayo Clinic offers these tips to improve your ergonomic health:

  • Keep your monitor an arm’s length away.
  • Adjust your keyboard height so your wrists are at or below your elbow level.
  • Adjust your chair so your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Rest your feet flat on the floor, or use a footrest.
  • The top of your monitor screen should be at or slightly below eye level. (If you wear bifocals, it should be 1–2 inches lower.)
  • Make sure there’s clearance for your knees under the desk. If you don’t have an adjust- able desk, use blocks under the desk’s legs to raise it. And don’t forget to stand up, stretch, and walk around as often as possible.
protect your spine

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