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NEA Today Retired Winter 2018

A look at how educators are keeping their boats afloat, NEA-Retired members discuss successfully volunteering, and a look at how items donated by retired educators helps active educators create inviting spaces.
Published: 01/02/2018

Cover Story: Moonlighting

Many public school teachers and education support professionals keep their financial boats afloat by working part time. Take a look into the lives of these dedicated educators and read what they have to say

‘Never Give Up!’

When it comes to speaking out on important issues like pension protection, the high cost of prescriptions and insurance, why Social Security and Medicare must stay strong, and why public school funding matters, retired educators won't give up.

So You Want to Volunteer?

An open mind and flexibility. NEA-Retired members say these tools build a successful volunteer experience.

The Giving Tree of Teaching

Items donated by retired educators helps active educators create inviting spaces.

My Contribution

Middle school teachers and students help 12-year-old battling debilitating illness.

From NEA Today

Environmental Justice

Educators in California’s Salinas Valley—one of the most productive agricultural regions in the U.S., and home to tens of thousands of students, most of them Hispanic—work to put a stop to pesticide exposure and keep students healthy.


Read why Terry Jess calls himself an anti-racist white educator committed to spreading the message of social justice, equity, and racial justice in white spaces, and then read longtime activist Michael Simanga’s poignant essay, about why Jess’s work matters.

Social Justice Warriors

A look at 12 social justice heroes who stand on the frontlines of the battle for human and civil rights.

Extra Credit

How the Supreme Court is being used, once again, to rig the rules against working families.

Keep Public Education Strong!

The financial support of NEA-Retired members is more necessary than ever. Here are two ways to give.

Jack Kinnaman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Three scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each honor the work of a dedicated NEA-Retired leader, and help to support the studies of exceptional future educators who are members of the NEA Aspiring Educators program. Scholarships are presented each summer during the NEA-Retired annual meeting. Send your tax-deductible contribution to: NEA Foundation, 1201 16th St., N.W., Suite 813, Washington, DC, 20036. Please note Jack Kinnaman Scholarship Fund in the check memo section.

The Fund for Children and Public Education

NEA’s political action campaign (PAC) supports candidates who speak up for public education at the local, state, and federal levels. The fund gives NEA members a strong voice on critical education issues.


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