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As a member, you join with other locals’ education associations who share the commitment to be the urban voice in NEA and our communities. Your payment of $468.00 covers the dues for your local Association for the membership year starting September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024.
National Council of Urban Education Associations
Published: January 1, 2020

What Is NCUEA?

NCUEA Reasons to Join Flyer

The National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) is made up of local affiliates of the National Education Association (NEA) dedicated to strengthening member advocacy and moving the NEA to be more responsive to member needs.

NCUEA focuses on:

  • Speaking with a common voice on all matters affecting local education associations;
  • Improving the structure, processes, and workings of NEA in order to ensure the full and effective participation of all local education association members;
  • Developing programs that, when implemented by NEA, will have a positive impact on the problems faced by local educators;
  • Identifying and supporting candidates for NEA offices who will actively work for implementation of NCUEA-adopted programs and positions.

Additionally, NCUEA creates a space to advance issues critical to local educators, their students, and their communities. This includes supporting expanding community schools and determining the future of assessments, both of which are issues that NCUEA member locals are deeply invested in.

Who is eligible to join NCUEA? 

Locals or UniServ Council/Regional units whose actual or potential membership is at least 250 may join. Others may join with the recommendation of a member association. All potential NCUEA members must be NEA affiliates and equal opportunity employers. NCUEA membership includes higher education chapters and Education Support Professional (ESP) locals.

In addition to having a voice within NEA, NCUEA supports the training for your local’s leadership to help make your local a stronger advocate for your members. This includes:

  • Urban Grants
  • New Local Presidents Training Program
  • Observer Role on NEA Board of Directors
  • Public Policy and Organizing Committee
  • Dedicated NCUEA EdCommunities Site

Why should I join? What will NCUEA do for my local or UniServ Council? 

  • The NCUEA is the urban "conscience" of the NEA. NCUEA brings with it instant access to a network system that is unlike any other in the United Education Profession. 

  • Not only are members kept informed of internal NEA direction, but they also have access to a forum specifically tailored to the advancement of large local concerns. NEA is not nearly so far away when you are a member of the NCUEA. The NCUEA is an advocacy-oriented support system that follows an agenda mandated by its own members.

Membership | Join NCUEA Now!

To join NCUEA or to renew your membership, please click here to use our online membership page (credit cards accepted).

Are you an affiliate?

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