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Press Release

NEA statement on School Board, Virginia, and New Jersey elections

National Education Association President Becky Pringle released the following statement on the results of yesterday’s elections:
Published: 11/03/2021

WASHINGTON - National Education Association President Becky Pringle released the following statement on the results of yesterday’s elections: 

“Yesterday’s elections across the country showed that education and investing in public schools are critical issues for voters, which is why educators and parents are celebrating the fact that so many champions of public schools won their elections.  

“Educators and parents look forward to working with these elected officials to ensure the public schools in their communities have everything needed to ensure all students – Black and white, Native and newcomer, Hispanic and Asian – can thrive.    

“Across the nation, voters elected champions for public education to school boards, while rejecting the attempts to recall school board members, as voters and parents stand with educators in working to strengthen their communities' public schools. From MN to WI, CT to IA, CO and NM, OH, and more – parents and educators came together to support school board leaders who are focused on keeping students safe and helping them thrive. In school districts around the country, voters rejected candidates who focused on racially and politically divisive efforts that do not create opportunities for students.   

“In New Jersey, voters have done their job by showing up and making their voices heard. As educators who teach their students about democracy and civics, we know that every vote must be counted. That is why, while Gov. Phil Murphy – a true champion for students and public schools – seems poised to win, we all must be patient as elections officials do their job and count every vote.   

“And in Virginia, while much of the attention has focused on Glenn Youngkin’s efforts to stop students from learning the truth in school or his support for banning authors such as Toni Morrison from the classroom, Youngkin’s campaign blanketed the Commonwealth with TV ads talking about how he will ‘increase teacher pay’ and ‘pass the largest education budget in history.’ Educators and parents will be watching, continuing our advocacy, and holding him accountable for his promises.    

“These elections showed that parents and educators alike are standing together to demand stronger neighborhood public schools, where every child has the freedom to reach for their dreams. 

“Going into the 2022 elections, candidates who are champions of public schools must be a partner to parents and educators and define their vision for education by focusing on strengthening neighborhood public schools for all students.  

“They must stand with parents and educators in supporting student success in our public schools and oppose those who want to ban books or remove information about Martin Luther King, Jr. or Ruby Bridges from our school. They must reject politicians who demand teaching debunked and hateful ‘opposing views’ of the Holocaust.  

“Coming out of yesterday’s elections, educators and parents will continue organizing and working together to lift up pro-public school champions, as we work to reclaim public education as a common good so that every student is prepared for the future and every child – no matter their color, background, or ZIP code – has the freedom to pursue their dreams.” 


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