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NEAToday’s Editor-In-Chief introduces and comments on the articles in the August 2017 issue.
Published: August 1, 2017
First Appeared In NEA Today Summer 2017

Key Takeaways

  1. Education association members are working hard to support immigrant families and students by making schools “safe zones.”
  2. One of the safest school districts in the country is using technology to prevent school shootings.
  3. Mentors and mentees are paramount to motivating students as a new year starts.

On the first day of school, many teachers will start the day by taking attendance. They will call out a name, and a student will respond, “Here!”

But for some students, their presence at school is not so simple. Some are undocumented immigrants themselves, and many more—as many as 18 percent of students in some states—have parents who are undocumented. And when families are forced to live in the shadows, students struggle to find the light.

Our cover story, “Fear Unfurled,” illustrates how these students and parents feel exposed, especially now after all of the heated rhetoric and harmful actions against immigrant communities. Across the country, educators and Association members are fighting for students and their families by making schools “safe zones.”

Also in this issue, read how neighbors and technology can help keep students safe. In “Preventive Maintenance,” we look at what one of the safest school districts in the nation is doing to prevent school shootings.

Finally, this issue delves into the importance of meaningful mentorships between new and veteran teachers. In “Lean on Me!” we share the stories of mentors—and their mentees—who are making a big difference in classrooms nationwide. And in “Educator Confidential,” educators tell us how they are preparing to get to know their students and motivate all of them in the new school year.

Educators know that every student counts. That’s why, after the roll is called, they are working to make sure that their students are not just marked as present, but that every student’s presence is welcomed and protected.


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