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National Council of Urban Education Associations

The National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) is an advocacy organization of local affiliates of the National Education Association (NEA), which is dedicated to strengthening member advocacy and making the NEA more responsive to member needs.
NCUEA Reasons to Join Flyer

The mission of NCUEA is to promote and advance quality public education in urban schools by empowering and supporting local associations, leaders, and members. In carrying out this mission, NCUEA focuses on the following areas:

  • United voice for urban education
  • Promotion of and advocacy for local associations
  • Partnership with NEA
  • Partnerships with education-focused organizations
  • Training for local urban leaders
  • Human and civil rights for all
  • Celebration of diversity
  • Communication among local associations
  • Staff/Leadership relationships
  • Quality working conditions


Apply: NEA - NCUEA Urban Grant

Funding can be used to support your local's efforts to increase membership and build its power by identifying issues, strengthening worksite leader systems and structures, and implementing organizing campaigns.

Access the Urban Grants Portal

NCUEA 2023 Summer Meeting
Building Tomorrow Together
Waldorf Astoria
Orlando, FL

How do we use the present to prepare for a better future, a better tomorrow? How do we build that future through our local associations and together through the National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA)?

We won’t leave the present reality during this 2023 Summer Meeting – but we will provide attendees with new tools and skills to address today’s challenges and prepare us for tomorrow’s opportunities. And we’ll feature voices that inspire us to imagine a brighter and bolder future and will help us build a stronger tomorrow together.

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Current Speakers Include

Parent Teacher Home Visits Panel
Richard Reeves

Richard Reeves

Senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and author of
Gina Martinez-Keddy

Gina Martinez-Keddy

Executive Director
Tona Boyd

Tona Boyd

Associate Director – Counsel


NCUEA broadens and deepens what we are discussing at the local level through our biannual conferences. The Fall Conference is dedicated to training members and leaders of local associations and bringing in new voices to expand our thinking. The Summer Meeting is devoted to debating and making decisions on matters of special concern to urban associations that are due to come before the NEA Representative Assembly. The conferences generally enlist speakers who address three major categories: organizing and advocacy; racial, social, and economic justice; and professional practice.
Year Fall Conference Location Fall Conference Dates Summer Conference Location Summer Conference dates
2023-24 Central Region: TBD Nov 29-Dec. 2, 2023 East Region: Philadelphia, PA June 27-30, 2024
2024-25 East Region: TBD Dec. 4-7, 2024 Pacific Region: Portland, OR June 27-30
2025-26 Pacific Region: Honolulu, HI Dec. 3-6, 2025 Mountain Region: Denver, CO June 28-July 1
2026-27 Mountain Region: TBD Dec. 2-5, 2026 Central Region: Indianapolis, IN June 26-29
2027-28 Central Region: TBD Dec. 1-4, 2027 East Region: Washington, DC June 26-29
2028-29 East Region: TBD Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2028 Central Region: Kansas City, MO June 26-29
Educator working with a group of students.

Take your local to the next level

The best way you can support your local and advocate for students and educators across your district is to get involved with the National Council of Urban Education Associations.
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