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Attending School Events: What You Need to Know

Fact: parents’ involvement at their child’s school is directly related to improved academic performance. Here are some tried and true tips to help parents make the most out of attending school events.
Published: 07/14/2020

Sitting on the bus, watching your child’s excitement build as they get closer to a class field trip. Volunteering in your child’s classroom and seeing how their eyes widen when they learn something new. Going to a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting and taking a hands-on role defining school policy that will strengthen your child’s academic journey.

There’s nothing quite like volunteering for school-related events and becoming an active partner with your child’s educators.

Being an involved parent does more than just give you an opportunity to spend time with your child during the school day. In fact, it’s been proven that parent involvement is tied to higher grades and test scores, regular school attendance and better social skills.

As your child grows, remaining involved will help your child make better transitions into middle and high schools, maintain a high quality work, develop realistic plans for the future, and stay in school.

Attending school events may seem time consuming, intimidating or even dull. However, these opportunities offer you the chance to define your involvement in your child’s learning environment. Your school, too, will help you determine the right level of involvement for you, especially when it comes to activities outside the classroom.

Attending Events With Your Child

When your child sees your passion for school events, the excitement rubs off. Whether it’s a field trip, school fair or community service project, sharing experiences with your child helps them make greater gains in many aspects of their academic life.

To be effective, make an extra effort to participate in any hands-on activities that you and your child can do together, while also having fun. Do you have an idea for a fun event for your child’s school that will bring students, parents and educators together? Request a meeting with your child’s educator to find out how to bring it to life, and collaborate with other parents to get their input as well.

Attending Events as a Parent Advocate

Whether it is a PTA or school board meeting, it’s important to show up. Talk to your child to see what’s important to them and if there are any items you might want to bring up based on their experiences.

Encourage your neighbors and friends who have children in the same school or classroom to attend these meetings. It’s better to tackle challenges and provide solutions together. If formal meeting times do not work for your schedule, see if there is any flexibility. You can also offer to set up informal coffees with parents or members of the school board to talk about what’s on your mind.

Attending Events in the Community

Community events are a great way engage in the neighborhood surrounding your child’s school. Look for opportunities to get to know local colleges, community groups and businesses in your area. These relationships will help your community form a sense of unity that may ultimately assist your child in both their academic and professional lives.

Is your child looking to join a club? Find an after-school job? Get advice on higher education? Getting to know professors, organization leaders and business owners can help make this easier for them. Look on your school district or community website to stay updated on local events.

Families and educators are equally important in the education of students. Through school events, you can assist in your child’s academic success simply by being present. See how you can get involved — check your child’s school calendar or reach out to their educator today.

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