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create & celebrate a nation of diverse readers

Let's read and grow together with 12 months of recommended books, authors, and teaching resources that promote diversity and inclusion.
Marley Dias
The poetry of [‘Black Girl Dreaming’] gave me a mirror: I saw myself, and it felt like a book told my story for the first time.
Quote by: Marley Dias, Founder, #1000BlackGirlBooks

Book Talk

Activist, author, and NEA’s Read Across America Ambassador Marley Dias discusses Zonia’s Rain Forest (Candlewick Press), getting to the book's main ideas around home and encouraging young readers to talk, reflect, and express their thoughts in writing about Juana Martinez Neal's work. Zonia's Rain Forest is a recommended Read Across calendar book for July.

Ready, Set...Read!

Celebrate the joy of reading this month with these featured articles and resources.
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Get Serious About Summer Reading

Use these ideas and resources to put good books into kids’ hands and connect them to vibrant summer learning adventures.
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Free Materials

Need help finding books to put into the hands of readers? Check out these resources and bring print and online books to qualifying schools and students.
Generation Wonder

A Super-Powered YA Anthology Proving Anyone Can Be a Hero!

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Superhero stories have nearly unlimited potential in the tales they can tell. This collection filled with high-flying thrills and action-packed fights plays with and expands on the superhero tropes we know while paying homage to the beloved genre.

YA Author Chat

Four young adult authors—J. Elle (Wings of Ebony), Margarita Engle (With a Star in My Hand), Loan Le (A Phở Love Story), and Britteny Morris (The Cost of Knowing)—discuss why diverse books matter for all students as part of a moderated conversation led by educator Tanya Johnson Martin.

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About Read Across America

What is NEA's Read Across America? Find answers to your frequently asked questions about the National Education Association's year-round celebration of diverse books and meet the people behind it.
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Join Our Community of Readers

Are you a teacher, librarian, educator, author, or devoted book worm? Join the Read Across America Facebook group to share resources, ideas, and experiences as we celebrate a nation of diverse readers.
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