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Meet the NEA Disability Rights Resource Cadre

Did you know that NEA has a group of member experts who are dedicated to creating and delivering resources to support educators?
IDEA Resource Cadre
Published: July 19, 2023

Did you know that NEA has a group of member experts who are dedicated to creating and delivering resources to support educators? The NEA Disability Rights Resource Cadre (the Cadre) is comprised of 27 members, hailing from 21 State Affiliates which equally represent the four geographic zones of the NEA and the diverse array of roles within the NEA (general education teachers, special education teachers, education support personnel, specialized instructional support personnel, administrators, and higher education). Working in collaboration, Cadre members volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to respond to the ever-changing needs of our members.

Since its establishment in July 2000, the Cadre has undertaken vital work in supporting members who work with students covered under IDEA. Initially formed to address the challenges arising from the reauthorization of IDEA, the Cadre has expanded its scope of resources and trainings over the years to cater to various needs of our membership.

As we continue to champion Disability Rights and Inclusion (DRI) efforts, the Cadre recognizes that the required supports and resources extend beyond educators of students served under IDEA. Committed to serving all students and educators with disabilities while striving to create equitable and accessible environments in our schools and communities, the Cadre has undergone a name change to reflect its expanded focus: the NEA Disability Rights Resource Cadre, aligning with NEA's dedication to the journey toward justice for all individuals with disabilities.

The NEA Disability Rights Resource Cadre members are available to answer questions, share and disseminate information with local and state affiliates, and to provide presentations/workshops on disability issues and implementation efforts.

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