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NEA Today for Aspiring Educators 2019

What motivates educators to stay in the profession? We talk to veteran and aspiring educators on what drives them. Plus, how the nationwide #MeToo movement has prompted important questions in the nation’s public schools.
NEA Today for Aspiring Educators 2019
Published: 01/01/2019

Cover: Why We Teach

Some teachers call it quits within the first two years of entering the profession. We talk to a veteran educator about why she remains, and to three aspiring educators who are on a mission to inspire, mentor, and support public school students.


Inspiring Children to Walk in Their Own Dreams
How NEA is preparing educators to help erase institutional racism, protect immigrant families, stand up for LGBTQ students, and more. Plus, why doing social justice work matters.

#MeToo at School
How the nationwide #MeToo movement has prompted important questions in the nation’s public schools.

Special Sections

Diversifying the Teaching Profession
Like their veteran counterparts, tomorrow’s educators are helping to diversify the profession.

Member Spotlight

Build Strong Campus Chapters
Aspiring educators share best practices.

Community Service and Awards

Aspiring Educators for Social Justice
NEA’s legacy project centers on building for change.

Honoring the past, Investing in the Future
NEA aspiring educators each receive $2,500 scholarship that memorializes the work of late NEA-Retired officer.


Together, We Will Fulfill the Promise of Public Education
Rachel Immerman shares her experience and appreciation for her union, and outlines goals for NEA Aspiring Educators for the next two years.

Lily's Blackboard 

Lily's Blackboard: The Best is Yet to Come!
A message from NEA President Lily Eskelsen García: During the 2018 midterm elections, educators’ voices were heard loud and clear. But there’s still more work to be done.

Teaching and Learning

Solve 50 Percent of Tech Problems with 16 Simple Solutions
Simple solutions can solve tech problems.

Effective Engagement Focuses on Getting Students to Care
Engagement can be fun, but one of the best ways to connect students to the material is to make learning meaningful.

Issues and Impact

Our Crumbling Public School Infrastructure
If we are committed to helping every child fulfill his or her potential, then safe and modern learning environments are essential.

Be Like Janene: The Power of Restoration
NEA sits down with Janene Onyango, a teacher from Twin Hills Elementary School in Willinboro, New Jersey to discuss restorative practices and her anti-racist organizing.

Health and Lifestyle

Feel Like You're Burning Out?
How meditation can help you steer clear of burnout. Plus, some easy tips for starting a practice.

'Inspiring Children to Walk in Their Own Dreams'
The NEA mission is a great public school for every student. Through diversity and cultural competence training, educators guide each other.

#MeToo at School
How can school administrators, educators, students and parents open up a discussion and address sexual harassment in schools?

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