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Student Debt Forgiveness for Higher Educators

By raising our voices together, we have won improvements to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program that are changing lives.
Published: September 2022

Student Debt

We know that nearly half of higher-ed faculty and staff took out loans to pay for their higher education, and many are still struggling to pay it back while making ends meet.  

Through their unions, NEA members are making a difference. By raising our voices together, we have won improvements to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, enabling thousands of educators to erase their debt. Last year, University of Maine associate professor Rob Glover had $150,000 in debt forgiven through PSLF. This year, UMass Amherst assistant professor Shane Mecklenburger had $70,000 in debt forgiven. 

NEA has the tools and the resources that higher-ed faculty and staff need to navigate PSLF and take advantage of the new White House cancellation program. 

PSLF for Higher Ed Faculty & Staff

NEA student debt experts walk through the process to fill out the PSLF waiver and ensure higher education faculty & staff get the cancellation they deserve.

NEA Research: Student debt among higher educators 

Our researchers have measured the depth of higher educators’ debt and its financial and emotional impact. 

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Need Help? Get Help!

The NEA Student Debt Navigator is free for all NEA members. 

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