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October 2023 NEA Today Cover

NEA Today, October 2023

In our October issue of NEA Today, we have educators' and students' backs, from shining a light on the mental health crisis in our rural communities, to keeping educators safe from physical harm in the classroom, to advocating for students with disabilities, and more. Learn how educators are making math more relevant, why we can't judge schools based on rankings, and how education support professionals are getting free of student loan debt.
October 2023 NEA Today Cover

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Cover Story

Rural Schools Take on the Mental Health Crisis

by: Tim Walker September 29, 2023
With students experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and trauma, educators in rural communities are advocating for more services and programs. “If we don't give them the help they need, many are not going to make it.”
Shraddha Shirude

Math Is Not Boring!

by: Mary Ellen Flannery August 29, 2023
There's a revolution happening in some math classes.
the 2023 winners of the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards stand for photo with emcee Marley Dias
Feature Article

Champions of Justice

by: Brenda Álvarez September 1, 2023
Meet the Recipients of the 2023 NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

Special Sections


Quote byTim Martin , President, Kent Education Asssociation

“At first, principals were afraid that if they reported things, they were going to get in trouble, but once word gets out that the union has stepped in and has made some headway in getting help for the student, and in turn everybody else, then more administrators tend to step into the ring with us.”
—Tim Martin , President, Kent Education Asssociation
Tim Martin

Editor's Note: Digital Experience Lifts Educators’ Voices

The NEA Today team is excited to share the launch of our new digital experience, which went live with our last issue. We hope you’ve had a chance to check out some of the fantastic video and audio of members just like you, who offer helpful tips and share their experiences.

In this October issue, there’s even more interactive content for you to explore. In the online version of our cover story, “Rural Schools Take on the Mental Health Crisis,” you can watch a video of parents and educators who share how they teamed up to bring mental health services to their schools.

“Five Things Behavior Specialists Want You to Know,” offers even more tips in a video from expert Rosa DiPiazza.

In “How Ballot Measures Power Progress in Public Schools,” find out how statewide ballot measures impact educators and students and hear directly from an NEA expert via video.   

Now you can read and experience NEA Today whenever it’s convenient for you. Flip through your print magazine over coffee on Sunday morning or check out the mobile edition—which includes NEA Today magazine and news—when you have a quiet moment in the break room or after school.

If you love the videos or see a story that could help a fellow educator, share it with your colleagues with just a click. You can also get NEA Today delivered to your inbox. Sign up at to dive in.


Cover of August 2023 NEA Today magazine. Shows a collage of 7 images of educators on the job with the text: 7 ways to make this a great school year

NEA Today August 2023

Welcome to NEA Today’s new digital experience! In this back-to-school issue, you’ll find helpful tips for starting the school year right—and a video classroom tour with Delaware teacher Alison Tingle. Spoiler alert: She has superpowered organizational skills! Plus, learn how to accelerate student learning, mentor a colleague, and meet support staff leaders who are creating meaningful change. Bonus feature: If you see an article you like, you can now share it on social media with just a click!
October 2023 - NEA Today Retired Cover

NEA Today for Retired Members October 2023

In our latest issue, find out how NEA-Retired members are fighting to make sure all educators get the Social Security benefits they have earned. Also, hit the road with former teachers who are taking their love for learning on the road with educational vacations, and meet an inspiring activist who blazed a trail for LGBTQ+ rights.
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