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Master the Virtual Job Interview

Land your dream position with some preparation.
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Published: 01/15/2021

If you’re being considered for a teaching position, you might have to sit through some nerve-wracking interviews on Zoom. These tips can help you avoid technical glitches so you can land your dream job!

Test your technology

As soon as your interview is scheduled, make sure you check the quality of your connection. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi signals are notoriously fickle. You may be better off with an Ethernet cable. If your video is grainy or you’re getting an echo, consider investing in a small webcam with a built-in microphone. Be sure to do a day-of check on your internet connection and your audio and video.

Check your login in advance

Whatever videoconferencing program you’re using, you’ll want to take some time to review your username and password. Update your profile picture and list your full name. Make sure all your accounts are associated with
a professional email address that uses a combination of your first and last name. 

Prepare your interview space

Try to find a quiet, well-lit area for your interview. If possible, find a blank background—like an empty wall—to sit in front of, because it keeps you as the focal point. A home office or living room will also work, so long as the room is free of clutter and mess. Try to sit near a window, which keeps the light in front of you. Do your best to minimize possible distractions by silencing your phone, closing the window, turning off alerts on your laptop, and arranging for childcare, if applicable.

Dress for success

Just because the interviewer can’t see your bottom half doesn’t mean it’s OK to wear pajama pants. Dressing the part will give you a confidence boost and send the message that you’re serious about the position. For teacher candidates, that means dress pants, a skirt or dress, and a blazer or suit jacket and tie. Jewel tones work well for most people in a virtual setting.

Monitor your body language

Communicate your confidence by sitting up straight and smiling. Nod when listening to show your engagement. Position your camera at eye level and maintain eye contact. It will feel a little unnatural, but you’ll need to focus on the camera and not the screen so it will appear that you’re looking at your interviewer. 

Be yourself

Perhaps the most important part of the virtual interview is that the real you shines through. They’re looking for what you can bring to the table, so use this opportunity to give them a sense of who you are and what you can offer. 

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