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NEA’s Read Across America 2022-23 State Affiliate Event Grant Criteria

NEA State Affiliates may apply for a Read Across America Event Grant to enhance state affiliate-coordinated Read Across America events and/or activities based on the theme of “Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers.”
Published: 10/08/2020 Last Updated: 10/19/2022

Please note: Only NEA State Affiliates may apply for these grants.

Application Deadline: November 14, 2022

Applicants will be notified by: December 16, 2022


NEA State Affiliates may apply for a "Read Across America Grant" to enhance state affiliate coordinated Read Across America events and/or activities based on the theme of “Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers.”  Acknowledging that book and curriculum bans are challenges that NEA members across the country face, this grant program encourages proposals that use funds as a way to get diverse books into the hands of students. By diverse books, we mean books that feature diverse characters and recognize all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) diversity of race, culture, language, setting, beliefs, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, income, ability, religion, family structure.

While event(s) or activities may occur or launch on or about "NEA's Read Across America Day," Thursday, March 2, 2023, proposals that increase awareness of Read Across America’s year-round focus on the importance, value, and fun of reading and sharing diverse books, are encouraged.

Affiliates may apply for any amount up to a maximum of $7,500. A total of $50,000 will be awarded.

Examples of appropriate events and/or activities include:

  • Provide resources for members and K-12 public school educators to host a diverse book club in their classroom or school challenging members and educators to host at least one book club per county.
  • A statewide reading tour that makes school visits to conduct reading events and distribute diverse books.
  • Events that bring diverse authors and illustrators to schools or to communities for special virtual or in-person visits and provide students with copies of their books.
  • A schedule of events that sse the 2022-2023 Read Across America Calendar, which features three diverse books each month for young, middle grade, and young adult readers, as a guide for guest readers to regularly read aloud and do book related activities.
  • A partnership with local affiliates and Little Free Library to install, fill, and maintain association-branded little free libraries to support and improve student literacy and community exposure to diverse books.
  • A state-wide promotion of “Read Across [insert state name] that focuses on diverse books and authors that make your state unique, helps to diversify school library bookshelves, and invites special guests from the community to read with kids.

Read Across America Resources

Application Deadline

Completed applications must be submitted by Monday, November 14, 2022.

What NEA Will Provide

  • NEA staff will be available for consultation with the grant application process via phone calls and e-mail. NEA will not provide staff "on the ground" to coordinate the event or activity.
  • Recommendations for potential partners such as First Book for reduced cost books, contacts with publishers for quantities of books or for author visits, and connections to RAA supporting organizations.

Affiliate’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Implementation of the proposed program, event, or activity outlined in the State Affiliate Event Grant application. RAA grant should supplement funding, resources, and staffing from the State and/or Local Affiliates involved. Activities should target schools with student populations in greatest need.
  • Promotion of “Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers” and NEA's Read Across America program on State and Local Affiliates’ online and social media, publications, news releases, and other member and external communication vehicles. NEA and RAA logos should appear alongside/near the state and/or local affiliate’s branding.
  • While the focus will be on member-driven, student-focused reading-related events, the State Affiliate should also pursue earned media opportunities at the local and state levels, utilize member communications vehicles, and online/social media to promote NEA's Read Across America to both members and the public.
  • Utilization of the RAA activity/event to help recruit and organize members by providing information in "meet and greet" type breakfast or lunch open houses and/or lit tables.
  • Make purchases of books and other appropriate items.
  • Recipients of previous RAA grants MUST submit progress report before a 2023 application will be considered.
  • Grant recipients are required to adhere by and implement RAA logo standards.

For More Information

Contact Joyce René Carter, [email protected], or Heather Griffin, [email protected].

Application Process

1. Have an electronic copy of your Affiliate’s completed IRS W-9 Form available on your computer (you will be required to upload it in the next step). Download blank IRS W-9 Form. If you do not know your affiliate’s Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN), you can use the following links to look it up:

2. To submit your Affiliate's completed W-9, please click here. Within the capture form, please make sure to select the appropriate Center/Department to whom your affiliate is submitting a grant request.

3. Download a copy of the blank "Read Across America Event Grant" application, to familiarize yourself with it and gather all required information.

How to Apply

1. You will be required to create an NEA Applicant ID and Password if you are applying for the first time.  To create a new NEA Applicant ID and Password, click the New Applicant? link under the E-mail input box on the first page of the application and follow instructions.

2. Next you will be prompted for your Affiliate's EIN.  You should already have this number from Step 1 of Before you Begin.  If you cannot locate your EIN using the search resources provides and your grant application is time sensitive, a link is provided to bypass this requirement.

3. Once in the application, provide all required information. The Save and Finish Later button will save your in-progress application to your NEA Applicant Account to complete later.

4. Finally, once you feel your application is complete, click the Review and Submit button. Missing information will be flagged, and you will have to provide it before you can submit your application.

Click here to start a new “NEA’s Read Across America” State Affiliate Event Grant application 

Click here to return to a saved “NEA’s Read Across America” State Affiliate Event Grant application

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