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Teacher Quality

Teacher Quality

Advancing Quality Teaching - Ensuring Quality Learning

More and Better Learning Time in Schools

Time is a precious commodity in schools. Creating a school's schedule is a balancing act with the ultimate goal of improving student learning. These papers discuss how teachers leaders would recommend restructuring schools to more efficiently use time in schools:


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    NEA's vision for transformative leadership that educators can deliver in a set of competencies designed for identification, reflection, guidance, and inspiration.
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    NEA commissioned a current review of teacher diversity and ways in which efforts could create parity in our public school system.
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    Designed for the profession by the profession, edTPA was developed by teachers and teacher educators from across the nation in collaboration with faculty and staff from Stanford University.
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    The NEA believes ensuring that beginning teachers are indeed profession-ready requires participation in a teacher residency program.
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    This brief addresses NEAs position on what is needed to be profession-ready on the first day of being responsible for student learning.
  • Language Teachers Bring the World Into A Classroom
    Language learning is culture learning.The ideas students learn to express by studying a world language in classrooms today will prepare them to communicate with the people who speak those languages throughout the world.
  • NEA Teacher Recruitment Toolkit
    This guide provides resources on the key issues to address in bargaining or advocating for a state or district comprehensive teacher evaluation system.
  • NEA Teacher Evaluation Toolkit
    The Toolkit helps educators understand, bargain, and or advocate for: teacher evaluation, peer assistance, peer assistance and review, and fair dismissal by providing resources and model language.
  • NEA Teacher Recruitment Toolkit
    The toolkit is designed to help NEA members create teacher recruitment programs to educate, recruit, and retain educators during the first five years of their professional career.
  • Transforming Teaching: Connecting Professional Responsibility with Student Learning - 2011 Report from CETT
    This report is by a national, independent commission that studied the teaching profession and made recommendations on maximizing teacher and teaching effectiveness.
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    This is the third iteration of standards outlining the characteristics of professional learning that lead to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.
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    K-12 standards in English-language arts and mathematics, designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that young people need for success in college and careers.
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    The standards help to define how teacher leadership can be distinguished from, but work in tandem with, administrative leadership roles to support effective teaching and promote student learning. (May 2011)
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    A report co-published by the Educational Testing Service and the NEA that focuses on the performance gap between White and minority teacher candidates. (March 2011)
  • New Board-Certified Teachers Join Distinguished Fraternity
    Nea's a vision for transformative leadership for educators to deliver in a set of competencies to be used as resources for identification, reflection, guidance, and inspiration.
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    This NEA white paper on teacher assessment and evaluation provides a framework designed to transform education from a reward and punish system to one that supports effective teaching and student learning. (December 2010)
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    This report contains recommendations and examples of collectively bargained language, legislation, regulations, and administrative guidelines in 12 policy areas that can guide association leaders and policymakers.
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    AACTE and NEA released four policy papers that covered the topics of teacher licensure, statewide data systems, clinical teacher preparation, and effective teaching.
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    NEA president Dennis Van Roekel testified before the House Education and Labor Committee on September 30 on ensuring effective teachers for all children. His testimony highlighted NEA’s new report, “Children of Poverty Deserve Great Teachers."
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    An NEA-CTQ report on staffing high-needs schools with highly skilled teachers – the teachers essential to helping children of poverty reach 21st century learning goals.
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    Four strategies to increase the supply of teachers in high-need areas.

NEA Is Committed to Improving Teacher Quality

NEA works with researchers, educators, and policymakers to assure a qualified, competent, caring educator in every public school classroom in the United States. NEA is committed to teacher quality in every critical component of the teacher development continuum, including

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Teachers, Make 2015 Your Leadership Year, by NEA Guest Blogger Judy Seltz, Executive Director of ASCD, a global community dedicated to exellence in learning.


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