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NEA Today-Retired August 2022

In this issue we interview educators who have successfully transitioned to a second carreer in retirement. We also check in with current educators about what they love about their work, even as the challenges of a profession in education mount. We'll also focus on students' mental health struggles and the need for more support, how educators are fighting back against books bans and gag orders, and how union members are uniting to solve common problems they face.
August 2022 NEA Today-Retired Magazine
Published: 08/22/2022

How to Launch a Second Career
As much as you loved being a teacher, did you ever dream of following a completely different path? Learn how retired educators have pursued new passions and built second careers—including as a mayor, writer, and barber
shop owner.

What I’ve Learned
Retiree Marilyn Warner shares her story of gratitude, determination, and lessons learned as she recovered from a stroke. 

The Time Is Now to Protect Democracy
Members vowed to fight for freedom at the 2022 NEA-Retired Annual Meeting. 

The 2022 Elections Are Coming!
This cheat sheet explains how candidates up and down the ballot can impact students and educators.

Take This Job and Love It
As many educators leave the profession, find out why so many more have stayed. 

2022 Teacher of the Year
Ohio history teacher Kurt Russell fosters open conversations about race. 

Find out how educators are fighting back against gag orders and intimidation.

Solving for X
Paid leave, LGBTQ+ rights, and child care are just a few of the problems that union members are solving together.

Spotting Students’ Mental Health Struggles
“ESPs … can see patterns in students’ lives that teachers can’t see,” says educator and author Lori Desautels, who writes about the important role education support professionals can play in recognizing mental health concerns. 

The Bulletin Board
NEA-Retired members across the country are making a difference. 

From the NEA-Retired President 

Becky's Journal of Joy, Justice, and Excellence
NEA's president visits schools in Polk County, Georgia, speaks at an event on preventing gun violence, and suggests three things to do at the start of this school year.

Member Spotlight

2022 NEA Representative Assembly
Vice President Kamala Harris, NEA leaders, and many others celebrated and inspired educators.

NEA In Action

NEA is working every day for great public schools for all students and educators.

Join Our Movement

We ask only what is right: equal opportunity for every student, every educator, every family. At home, in school, online, in Washington–there’s a right place for all of us to make a difference.
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Read the latest on our advocacy, our members, and the education trends we’re watching.
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