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From Our President

Becky's Journal of Joy, Justice, and Excellence, January 2024

Find out who NEA President Becky Pringle met on her fall tour stops, watch episodes from her Honesty in Education Instagram Live series with NEA members, and help pledge to make schools safer and free from gun violence.
NEA President Becky Pringle hands out food to 2 young students in an elementary school cafeteria
During a fall visit to Dublin Elementary in White Lake, Michigan, NEA President Becky Pringle got behind the cafeteria counter—and helped distribute a free breakfast to Dublin's students. Every one of Michigan's public schools are providing free meals to students, regardless of family income, thanks to the Michigan School Meals program, passed by Michigan lawmakers and signed into law by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2023. This is the kind of thing that happens when NEA members work to elect pro-public education candidates!
Published: January 8, 2024
First Appeared In NEA Today, January 2024


I am honored to serve as  your president. United, we will reclaim public education as a common good and transform it into a racially and socially just system that actually prepares every student—not one, not some, but every single student—to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world. Onward!

Face to Face With NEA Members

This fall, I toured schools and met with NEA members in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan—and I saw what’s possible when NEA members demand support for every student and respect for every educator. At Pennoyer Elementary School, in Norridge, Ill., I celebrated with union members who finally won a funding referendum—after six tries! In Michigan, I saw what’s possible when union members work to elect pro-public education candidates. State education budgets have increased, and every student gets free breakfast and lunch! Alongside Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Education Association President Chandra Madafferi, I saw how state funds are converting an empty building into an early childhood center in Flint, and how voter-approved funds built a new middle school in Grandville—with a first-in-the-nation robotics arena!

NEA President Becky Pringle stands next to teacher Karen Adkins in front of a large yellow banner with handwritten welcome messages
What a warm welcome I received at Pennoyer Elementary, from third-grade teacher Karen Adkins and others! Credit: Courtesy of Karen Adkins
NEA President Becky Pringle looks at a large drone with teacher Mike Evele and U.S. Representative Hillary Scholten
As a 30-year science educator, I share Grandville, Mich., teacher Mike Evele’s delight in drones. Here, he shows his latest to me and U.S. Rep. Hillary Scholten. Credit: Jeff Kowalsky

Who I’ve Been Talking To

As part of my Instagram Live series, “Honesty in Education,” I have been diving into deep conversation with some of the most interesting and inspiring people. In September, I connected with Jessica Craven, a parent and political activist who writes a daily newsletter called Chop Wood, Carry Water, which suggests specific actions—signing petitions, making phone calls, etc.—that will make the world a better place for our babies. “You’re a mom, so you understand,” she told me. Yes, I do! It’s small actions like these, taken by millions of parents and educators working together, that will help our nation live into the poetry of our Constitution.

Then, in October, I talked with Chris Campbell, a third-grade teacher from Missouri who has ADHD, about disability justice and more. Watch the reels below or view them and  others at


school infrastructure hvac

Bring on the Heat

This nation has 50,000 school buildings that are 50-plus years old—with outdated HVAC systems. How does that feel in January? Tell your elected reps to support updates and upgrades.
Sulwe cover detail

Read Something by a Black Author

February isn’t only Black History Month, it’s African American Read-In Month—a time to read and share books by African Americans. Be challenged. Be seen. Be celebrated. Find recommendations to share with students at NEA's Read Across America.
three educators wear orange and carry signs to protest gun violence

Help End Gun Violence

Banning assault weapons would help our students and loved ones go more safely about their days. Sign NEA’s Safe Schools, Safe Communities Pledge to start your journey as a gun violence prevention activist. To find out how educators can help stop the epidemic of gun violence in schools, read our January issue cover story.

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Defending Public Schools

“We know these attacks are happening because our opponents know public education is the ‘foundation of an inclusive democracy, economy, and society.’ To fully dismantle our democracy they must dismantle the system that teaches citizens to think critically.” —Becky, to Florida Education Association members, Oct. 13, 2023

And the Solutions that Work

“Educators are saying to me that the focus needs to be on solutions we know work. It’s important to ask and listen to educators, parents, and students themselves—they’ll tell you what we need. At NEA, we’re focused on solutions like community schools. … A student can’t learn if they’re hungry.” —Becky, FOX News Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023
Watch the video
Librarian leans over seated students at the library who are reading a book

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