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Educators Win Together

When educators are respected, appreciated, heard, and have the resources we need, we can give students our very best. NEA members come together to win for our students, our schools, and ourselves.

Winning in Every State

Across the country, we are winning dedicated planning time, protecting benefits, increasing salaries, and improving the daily lives of educators and students. How are educators creating change in your state? Click below to find out! 
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From winning consistent safety protocols in Oahu to reducing high-stakes testing across New York—NEA is working every day for great public schools for all students and educators. Don't see your win listed? Complete our form below and let us know!

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Together we're stronger. Together we're heard.

As part of the largest labor union in the country, with almost three million members, we work together to ensure that educators like you have a stronger voice. Will you join us?

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Our Members Deliver Real Change

St. Paul Educators Win for Schools, Students, and Communities

Together we won a huge pay increase for education support professionals, mental health supports for every school, class size caps, and more for Twin City students, educators, and their families.

In February, after months of negotiations, our unions in St. Paul and Minneapolis filed their intent to strike for the resources their students needed. Hours before a scheduled strike, St. Paul educators struck a deal with the district that went a long way toward providing the schools that students deserve—through class-size caps, increases in wages, and more mental health professionals in schools.

In Minneapolis, it was a much different story.

For three weeks, a coalition of Minneapolis families, students, and our brave educators held the line in solidarity to ensure their demands were met.

They organized, marched, and rallied for the safe and stable schools their students deserved—and they won. Educators in Minneapolis will now have a counselor in every school, increased wages, and education support professionals will now have a much higher starting salary.

Becky rallying at the strike
"I am so proud of Minneapolis’s educators for banding together and winning for their students at the bargaining table. Minneapolis Federation of Teachers is an example for educators across the country of what happens when we use our collective voice to achieve a better future and real, lasting change for our students."
Quote by: Becky Pringle, President, National Education Association

Mississippi Educators Win Largest Teacher Salary Raise in State History

In Mississippi, educator advocacy helped secure the passing of House Bill 530 – The START Act – which provides substantial pay raises for Mississippi’s public school teachers and teacher assistants.

Under the measure, the average pay raise for Mississippi public school teachers will be $5,100, and teacher assistants will receive $2,000. These salaries will help us recruit and retain enthusiastic, highly qualified educators who can help our students reach their highest life potential. We know that by improving the salaries of Mississippi’s public school teachers, the entire state’s quality of life will improve.

The final bill was stronger and better than original proposals, and that is because of the strong advocacy of Mississippi Association of Educators members, other educators, and education stakeholders throughout the state. Mississippi  educators visited the state capital to ask for more investment in public education. Leadership and committee members agreed to listen to educators and crafted the best possible outcome for teachers and their assistants.

Mississippi educators arrived at the state capital to advocate for educator raises.

More Wins for Schools and Students


Florida Faculty Stand Up For Academic Freedom

When the University of Florida told three professors that they couldn't testify against a voter-restriction law championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, the United Faculty of Florida sprang into action. Faculty's right to academic freedom and free speech are at stake.

The Richmond Education Association Wins Collective Bargaining for Educators

Richmond educators became the first in the commonwealth of Virginia to secure the right to negotiate a contract through collective bargaining.

Bus Drivers Join Union, Advocate for Services

Nearly all of South Burlington's school bus drivers voted to unionize, amidst what they describe as the "hardest working conditions in years."

Local Advocacy Creates National Wins

Funds to the Rescue

One year ago, Congress passed and President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan, the largest federal investment in public education in history, which has helped reopen schools safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowed them to start addressing some of the inequities exacerbated by the pandemic, and is getting our students the support they need to thrive moving forward. 

This could only have happened with the help of NEA members and activists who wrote hundreds of thousands of messages and placed thousands of calls to their senators and representatives advocating for Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan.

Biden signing ARP

Learn more How would you spend school rescue funds?

Carmen Gwenigale
“For many years, I was the first Black Latina teacher many students had. With ARP funds we are working on how we diversify our teaching staff, so some students do not have to go ten grades without seeing representation.”
Quote by: Carmen Gwenigale, Leadership Fellow, Iowa City Community School District

Educators Win Student Debt Reform

After more than 168,000 educators raised their voices, the Department of Education finally announced a major overhaul to the failing PSLF program.  

This is the beginning of change, not the end. Implementing these reforms will take time, and we are committed to working with the Department of Education to make them work. We are also steadfastly determined to make sure every educator receives the student debt relief they were promised.   

10 years of public service equals no student debt. Congress made that promise to educators in 2007. And we will not stop until that promise is kept to everyone.

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2021 Wrapped

If 2020 was the year like no other, 2021 was the year we showed how resilient we are when we come together. While there is still work that needs to be done we should take a moment to celebrate these 2021 inspiring wins.

What's Your Win?

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you accomplished for your students or for yourself—personally or professionally. Be sure to share any links to news coverage of your wins.

Together we're stronger. Together we're heard. Join us.


With more members like you, we’ll have a stronger collective voice that can help educators live better lives, so our students get the best education possible. Together we are stronger. Together we are heard.
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The National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education. NEA's 3 million members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliate organizations in every state and in more than 14,000 communities across the United States.