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Educators Win Together

When educators are respected, appreciated, heard, and have the resources we need, we can give students our very best. NEA members come together to win for our students, our schools, and ourselves.

Winning in Every State

Across the country, we are winning dedicated planning time, protecting benefits, increasing salaries, and improving the daily lives of educators and students. How are educators creating change in your state? Click below to find out! 

In 2022, We came together for our students, and won. 

Pay raises. Dedicated planning time. Better benefits. In every corner of every state, NEA members came together and had some major wins. 

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Together we're stronger

2022 was the year we stepped into our power with purpose and pride, but make no mistake: more needs to be done.

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Third grade teacher Fletcher Nelson
When we as educators come together, we can really amplify our voices and let our needs be heard."

When educators are given the resources we need, we can give students our very best.

As part of the largest labor union in the country we work together to ensure that educators have a stronger voice. Will you join us? 


Together we win

This year we joined hands with parents and students to show up at school board meetings, state capitols, and the ballot box.
Educators hold sign asking for fully resourced schools for Columbus students.

In our schools

Our working conditions are our students' learning conditions. Educators across the country demanded, and won, historic investments in school staffing, infrastructure, and student care.
Sign saying support our educators.

In our communities

Voters in our communities overwhelmingly chose candidates with a clear vision of how to support public schools and rejected extremists who sought to politicize classrooms and defund education.
Educators walking asking for an end to gun violence.

In the halls of power

We showed our strength at the nation’s capital. We demanded student debt cancellation, more mental health support, action on gun violence, and greater racial and social justice for our communities.
Signs saying cancel student debt outside the White House.

Student Loan Cancellation

Because of the educators and allies who took action, the White House announced a new student-debt cancelation plan, that could forgive up to $20,000 in federal student debt for borrowers. This victory came on top of the Temporary Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waiver, which delivered $24 billion in loan forgiveness for 360,000 public-service workers over the course of a year.


Our voice is our power

With more members like you, National Education Association educators will have an even stronger voice to improve our daily lives and the lives of our students.

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What's Your Win?

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you accomplished for your students or for yourself—personally or professionally. Be sure to share any links to news coverage of your wins.

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