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NEA is committed to supporting members working to address bias around sexual orientation and gender identity in our schools.

Creating inclusive schools and inclusive classrooms is absolutely crucial to making all students feel safe and welcomed. NEA works has created programs to teach school personnel how to create a safe school climate for students and staff. Our program training topics include: 

  1. Taking a Stand: Creating a Safe School for LGBTQ Students An Introductory workshop, designed for all school personnel, uses video clips and hands-on activities to examine the obvious and subtle ways bias plays out in schools and offers resources for creating schools that are safe for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
  2. Walking the Talk: Classroom Strategies for Addressing LGBTQ Bias Designed for K-12 classroom instructors, this action-oriented workshop examines various approaches to designing and integrating lessons and activities that raise awareness of bias and empower students to advocate for change, especially around LGBTQ-related bias.
  3. Making the Case: Communication Strategies on LGBTQ Issues A communications workshop designed for educators and education leaders, it provides an overview of effective messaging and communication strategies on controversial issues, as well as resources and models for talking to constituents about the need to address LGBTQ-related bias in schools.
  4. Drawing Connections: Exploring Intersections of Gender, Race & LGBTQ Designed for all school personnel, this unique workshop explores the relationship and commonalities among gender, race, and LGBTQ issues, with an emphasis on enhancing race and gender awareness when addressing LGBTQ issues in schools.
  5. Safe and Supportive Working Environments: A Right for LGBTQ Educators A safe and supportive working environment must be guaranteed for school employees to achieve their greatest potential. 

We concentrate so much on our students, we often forget about their families. I feel equipped with the resources provided to work with families around LGBTQ issues that might impact them. –Participant, Washington state

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Our students need advocates ready and able to disrupt all forms of oppression in our schools and beyond. Our free, research-based, educator-driven trainings help you get there.
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