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NEA Partnership Funding

Grant Opportunities for NEA Members

While all internet browsers can be used, FIREFOX and CHROME are recommended for completion of NEA's grant applications.

(Note to applicants: we are providing a MSWORD template of the respective applications for you to work on at your leisure. Once you have all the information required and you have answered each question on the MSWord template, you are ready to submit your application by clicking on the “Submit your XXX application”. You will be able to cut and paste your responses. If you have questions, there is a link for each application to submit any questions).

NEA Members: Affiliate Partnership Funding Applications Without Deadlines

Legislative Crisis: 

The Campaigns and Elections Department has resources available to assist state affiliates facing legislation that will create a significant crisis for the state affiliate and our members

Ballot Measure:

The Campaigns and Elections Department has resources available to assist state affiliates facing ballot measures that will impact our members.


The Center for Organizing has resources available in support of strategic organizing projects that are developed collaboratively between state affiliate leadership, affected locals and NEA. The resources include training, coaching, convening or workshop costs, and direct resources. These resources are designed for projects that promote or advance the NEA Strategic Goals while building capacity to engage and recruit members to lead on issues affecting their professional practice and equity of resources and opportunities for all students.

NEA Members: Affiliate Partnership Funding Applications With Deadlines

Read Across America Event Grant

NEA State Affiliates may apply for a “Read Across America Event Grant” to enhance state affiliate-coordinated Read Across America events and/or activities. Affiliates may apply for any amount up to a maximum of $20,000. Ideally, event(s) or activities should occur on or about “NEA’s Read Across America Day,” which is Thursday, March 2, 2018. More information on Read Across America can be found at:

Local President Release Time Program (LPRTP):

The Local President Release Time Program was formed to encourage the growth and development of NEA’s local associations. The program’s objective has been to provide financial assistance towards the full-time or part-time release of local presidents, so as to build and strengthen the association from the grassroots.The presence of a full-time or part-time release local president will add to the effectiveness with which the locals can contribute to NEA’s Strategic Focus, Plan, and Priorities.

Center for Great Public Schools State & Local Project Grants:

The NEA Center for Great Public Schools provides State & Local Project Grants to develop and promote policy and practice that define a quality education profession; incubate sound practice and gather key learning that benefits student learning; and define national, state and district policy that supports the advancement of Great Public Schools. The application should focus on key education profession levers which can serve as fundamental change catalysts in educators’ career practice, and the role of the union/educators in leadership.

Great Public Schools Fund (GPS Fund):

The  NEA’s Great Public Schools Fund Grants (GPS Fund Grants) advance the goal of great public schools for every student. GPS Fund Grants are intended to help Affiliates enhance the quality of public education by developing, implementing and leading an agenda that engages members with an emphasis on student-centered success through  union led efforts.

Grant application deadlines are bi-annual. The application process is comprised of first submitting an Intent to Apply form 30-60 days prior to the deadline to give the Center background on your potential proposal and amount requested, and then submitting the application itself before the deadline.

  • Deadlines: Every June 1 and December 1, starting with the next deadline on June 1, 2018. 
  • Awarded GPS Fund Grants
  • GPS Fund 5-Year Report  (2013-2018) ( PDF, 791 KB, 33 pgs.)
  • GPS Fund Guidelines ( MSWORD, 66.9 KB, 5 pgs.)
    Last updated: February 2017.
    Note that the ten criteria used to evaluate grant applications are included in these guidelines. Scoring is based upon how well aligned the proposed work is with each of the criteria.
  • Priority Focus
    For the next application deadline on December 1, 2017, the Priority Focus will include:
    1) Early Career Educators, and/or
    2) Racial Justice in Education
    Your application can choose to focus on either area, both areas, or none of the above.  By including one or both of the focus areas, your application will receive a small scoring bonus (depending on how robust and extensive that focus is).  Focusing on both early career educators and racial justice in education will increase your bonus opportunity (compared to focusing on just one).
  • Recorded Webinars ( MSWORD, 13.4 KB, 1 pg.)
    This series of recorded webinars will help potential applicants understand the GPS Fund grant process while also providing useful tips.
  • Submit your Intent to Apply for a GPS Fund Grant
    Next Intent to Apply submission period:  April 1 - April 30, 2018
    Please use the above link to submit your form during this timeframe.
    *Note that your Intent form must be submitted no later than April 30, 2018 in order to guarantee feedback from one of our grant coordinators in advance of the June 1st application deadline.*
  • W-9 Form ( PDF, 116 KB, 4 pgs.)
    If you do not have a current and completed W-9 Form on file with the NEA, please complete this form and submit it as part of your application under Optional Additional Attachments.
  • Submit your GPS Fund Grant application 
    The next application window will open on May 1, 2018 and close at midnight on June 1, 2018.
  • For questions, please email
  • Please join us virtually to communicate and collaborate around grants in our new edCommunities site!  It’s free and easy to join – just click here to register and follow the “NEA Grants 4 Great Public Schools” group.  Important grant information, including links to recorded webinars, will live here, and also feel free to ask questions of the larger grants community!

Community Advocacy and Partnership Engagement Grant:

The NEA Community Advocacy and Partnership Engagement (CAPE) Department provides state & local partnership funding grants that are intended to assist state/local affiliates identify, engage, and mobilize minority community organizations and community leaders of color around increasing student achievement, engaging members who have participated in leadership trainings, and creating union roles to build capacity to engage community partners. Grant considerations are made on the following strategic priorities:

State Media Assistance Program:

State Association Media Grants are intended to advance the cause of public education and publicize the role of the Association and its Affiliates in improving the quality of public education. The State Media Grants proactively advance the Association’s mission through image and reputation campaigns that strengthen the Association’s image among key audiences and the public.

Organizing in Urban Locals:

NEA’s Urban Grants support development of large local NEA affiliates representing pre-K-12 educators, higher education faculty, and education support professionals. This grant funding is intended for projects that increase membership recruitment and involvement, build Association capacity, issue organizing, and organizing and engage communities. 

Retired Organizing:

Each year the NEA Center for Organizing, in collaboration with NEA-Retired, awards State Organizing Grants to State Retired entities. Grant awards will not exceed $5,000 annually. No State Retired Organization shall receive more than two grants per year. Grants must be used for Membership Recruitment, Organizing New Retired Locals, Retired Organizing Projects, Creating Retired Activists, Developing Retired Leaders or Developing and Strengthening Community Partnerships.

Deadline: NEA will accept grant applications up to August 15 of each year.

Student-Centered Advocacy

NEA’s Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy Department (CBMA) will be awarding grants to affiliates to design and implement student-centered initiatives through collective bargaining or other forms of advocacy. The grants are designed to:

  • assist affiliates with their student-centered contract campaigns, or
  • help them create new programs, or
  • refine existing practices that demonstrate a commitment to improving learning conditions that are sustainable beyond the term of the grant.

Find online application form, application template, terms and conditions, FAQs, and student-centered advocacy attributes document here.

NEA Student Program CREATE Grant:

Communities Redefining Education Advocacy Through Empowerment (CREATE) Grant. CREATE Grants are chapter and/or statewide community service projects that positively promote the NEA Student Program through strategies designed to enhance public education, increase advocacy and outreach to communities; support younger educators involvement in the Association; and supports the development of innovative approaches to engagement.

For additional information please click the following link:

Application Deadlines: Fall and Spring Semester

October 30

February 16

CREATE Grant Guidelines

CREATE Grant Application

Please use this document to submit your CREATE Grant Evaluation. Completed evaluations should be mailed to

For questions, please contact the NEA Student Program, or call 202-822-7176.

Projects that may encompass multiple partnership funding sources noted above:

Please contact your Regional Director to seek guidance on how to apply for multi-source partnership funding.