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Business Process Overview

The information you need on how to vote, submit business items and amendments, costing, and Standing Rules for the Representative Assembly.

Submission of Business Items for Representative Assembly


Business Item Submission Tutorial Video

Submit items for  RA consideration

Delegates may submit items for consideration at the 2024 Representative Assembly using this form. The deadlines are as follows (all are 4:00pm eastern time unless otherwise noted)

  • New Business Items  -- June 19, 2024
  • Maker Modifications to New Business Items  -- July 1, 2024
  • Amendments to Legislative Program, Resolutions, Policy Statements -- July 4, 2024
  • Amendments to submitted items -- 8:00am on the day the item is to be considered
  • Standing Rule Amendments and Bylaw Amendments for 2025 -- March 4, 2025
  • Constitutional Amendments for 2025 -- September 15, 2024

Please review the types of business as outlined below before submitting any item. Items submitted in the wrong category or format will be returned to the maker for re-submission in the correct manner.  

Summary of types of Business Items

Chart of Different Types of Business Items

What type of Business Item is my idea?

Business Item Flow Chart for Delegates

NEA Constitution, Bylaws, & Standing Rules

The NEA policy hierarchy is ordinal in nature and the supreme policy document of the organization is the NEA Constitution, followed by the Bylaws, and the Standing Rules.

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