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Candidates for Office

Representative Assembly delegates elect NEA's decision makers. Scroll down for information on declared candidates, the RA voting schedule, and filing forms.

2022 Candidate Election Results

NEA Executive Committee Three-Year Terms (2 seats)

  1. 3958 votes, 91.85%: Robert Rodriguez ELECTED
  2. 3856 votes, 89.49%: Christine Sampson-Clark ELECTED
  3. 498 votes, 11.56%: Tania Kappner
  4. 306 votes, 7.10%: Mark Airgood

Higher Ed At-large Three-Year Term (1 seat)

  1. 2527 votes, 59.36% Kashara Moore ELECTED
  2. 1730 votes, 40.64% Suzanne Sublette

ESP At-large One-Year Term (1 seat)

  1. 2977 votes, 69.96% Melody Bach ELECTED
  2. 1278 votes, 30.04% Paul Farias

Filing Forms

Executive Committee Candidates 2022: 

At-Large Candidates 2022: 

Executive Office Candidates 2023:

The 2023 Representative Assembly will elect a president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and two seats on the Executive Committee. The final filing deadline is April 15, 2023.  Forms should be submitted to [email protected]

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